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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Collateral (Blood & Roses 6) by Callie Hart

I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.  
I have been lucky enough to review every book in this series and ride along for Zeth and Sloane's journey.
I am a huge fan of this series because every story grips you and keeps you on the edge of your seat! Callie has given us a broken guy to cheer for because you can't help but to fall in love with Zeth. Collateral is the final book in the Blood and Roses series and Callie does not disappoint.
Collateral is the best book in the series. You are kept on the edge of your seat and worry for Sloane and Zeth almost to the end. Zeth and Sloane both do some changing for the better and are much stronger in the end. After everything that they have gone through you have to wonder of they are going to get their happy ending.
Collateral is a 5 star must read that y'all need to one click on October 14th!! Collateral ended the series perfectly! Every Zeth addict is going to be happy with the changes he makes in this final installment. Zeth and Sloane get their version of a Happily Ever After that every girl wants!
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Thursday, August 28, 2014

If I Stay by Gayle Forman

I thought reviewing this book would be fitting since the movie is out and I really really want to watch it. I'm curious to see how the movie will be compared to the book. here is my review. 

If I Stay is a hard book to read, not because it is bad, but because of the emotions that death can bring with. I have children and I couldn't imagine this happening to my family. But this kind of thing happens every day and no one really notices it because the news don't report on it, the seem to only report how cops are out of control anymore. 

Mia loses everything, so why should she stay? During the story Mia reminisces about her life up until that point. She is viewing everything that is happening from an outside view, she has amazing support from people who want to see her come through, but like I said, she has lost everything....she doesn't feel right staying while her mom, dad, and brother have all succumbed to their injuries. 

During her flash backs of memories, Adam plays a huge part in her life, and they are totally opposite but ultimately the same. They are clearly in love, but what he does for her in the end....that may be what it takes for her to make a decision. Because in the end, we can decide to give up or keep fighting.

I rate this a 5 star book. I will be starting the second book to this sometime today if my homework I said I really want to see how the movie will compare to the book.